Branches Of The Aorta Abdominal Region

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Branches Of The Aorta Abdominal Region

The aorta abdominal region is located between the diaphragm and the fourth lumbar vertebrate. This region is separated into left and right common iliac arteries.

Composing the first branch of the aorta abdominal region are the inferior phrenic arteries, then the celiac trunk. The celiac trunk is solitary and is composed of three arteries namely: splenic artery, left gastric artery and the common hepatic artery. The splenic artery provides blood supply to the spleen by splitting off. The left gastric artery bring blood to the stomach, and carrying blood to the liver is the common hepatic artery.

Another vessel is the superior mesentric artery. Just like the celiac trunk, it is also a solitary vessel. It is situated just under the celiac trunk and along the aorta’s anterior abdominal region. This solitary vessel provides blood to the appendix, cecum, part of the transverse colon, ascending colon, and the small intestine.

Another branch is the renal arteries, which supplies blood to the kidneys. Suprenal arteries, on the other hand supply blood to the adrenal glands. Just below the renal arteries are the different arteries that give blood supply to the sexual organs of the male and female body- the testicular arteries and the ovarian arteries.

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