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It is absolutely important for people to know the parts of their anatomy, how it works and what causes injury or damage to these body parts and what to do to safeguard the body from injury and damage. The physical body is, after all, your soul’s temple. In this article, you can learn about one of the nerve plexuses that innervate your neck, head and shoulders.

Cervical nerve plexus

What are plexuses?

A plexus is a nerve junction box.  It is composed of a network of smaller nerve fibers that are distributed to the different parts of the body.  It is here where all spinal nerves are sorted and recombined and distributed to the different parts of the body.

What is a cervical nerve plexus?

The cervical nerve plexus is a network of tiny interwoven nerve fibers that innervate or send sensory data to the neck, the shoulders and the head. It also extends to the pharynx. It is embedded deep in the side of the neck. The cervical nerve plexus is a part of the Peripheral Nervous System or PNS; a part of the nervous system which is outside of the spinal cord and the brain.  

Ways to care for the cervical nerve plexus

The cervical plexus nerves can be injured due to sports, hard manual work or accidents.  The compression of the nerves or overstretched nerves can cause pain, numbness or weakness of the arm, neck and shoulders. If you injure these special nerves, consult a doctor for proper therapy. You can also do exercises like strength exercises, flexion and stretches.  

Isometric exercise is one of the best strength exercises for shoulder muscles and nerves. This involves an exercise which includes contraction of the muscles and nerves. Stretches also provide relief to the injured nerves; however, remember to move slowly and breathe deeply so as not to overstretch the injured part.

Whatever you plan to do to relieve cervical plexus pains and treat injuries, be sure to always consult with your doctor first.

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