Ejaculatory Duct

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Ejaculatory duct

The ejaculatory duct has a size of about 2 centimeters and is created by the conjoining of the ductus deferens and the ampulla. When viewed on the posterior side, the prostate provides an entry for the said duct, thus allowing passage to the gland. There are about two ejaculatory ducts going on the same passage thus it is usually known to be only a single duct.

The two ducts receive the secretions and additives that are important to the formation of semen. These ducts are also responsible for the ejection of several additives to the prostatic urethra. Within it, other secretions are add up to the secretions made by the prostate gland.

The male urethra has two functions. It could serve as the urinary system and a part of the reproductive system that allows the urine and semen to pass through. This part of the male reproductive system also tell when the tubular ducts are about to terminate. 

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