Neurolgia is obtained from one of the primary cell layers responsible for creating the neurons- the ectoderm. It has six categories: oligodendrocytes, neurolemmocytes, microglia, ependymal, astrocytes and ganglionic gliocytes. Take a look at the characteristics of each.

Neurolemmocytes - It makes up the myelin layers, the ones surrounding the axon cells in the peripheral nervous system.

Oligodendrocytes - It has the same role with the neurolemmocytes, except for the fact that it works in the central nervous system.

Microglia - It aids in the debris removal that could be seen in the central nervous system.

Astrocytes - They aid the molecules and cells to pass by between the central nervous system, or CNS to the brain.

Ependymal Cells - It provides the brain ventricles and spinal cord a lining.

Ganglionic Gliocytes - It gives support to the cell bodies in the preipheral nervous system, or PNS. 

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