Reticular Formation

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A reticular formation pertains to a complex network of nerve fibers and nuclei within the brain stem. Its network aids in creating the reticular activating system, the one that is responsible for the cerebrum. This network is extended until the spinal cord, the pons, midbrain, thalamus and hypothalamus.

Reticular formation anatomy

Most of the structures in the brain send and receive fibers which go up and down within the entire reticular formation. The network’s nuclei continuously sends impulses to the rest of the formation, and stops only when they are interfered by the other portions of the brain. The one being responsible for the chronic alertness of the cerebrum is the reticular activating system, and it also monitors the amount and the quantity of sensory perception to be accepted by the cerebrum.

Lastly, it also sends impulses, allowing the cerebellum to have continuous coordination and smooth motor motion in the skeletal muscle.

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