The teeth are believed to be the most used part of the body, aside from the feet. Teeth are considerably an important body part for man, as it is mainly used for eating. Eating, as every one knows, has always been the most ideal way of taking in necessary nutrients and vitamins that are essentially needed by your body.
The teeth have different parts that play distinct functions and purposes.

Teeth anatomy


The crown refers to the top or upper portion of the tooth, and this is normally the part that is visible. The primary shape of the tooth’s crown distinctively determines the function of a tooth. Just for instance, front teeth are naturally sharp and chiseled, and are mainly used for cutting. Molars, on the other hand, have flatter and rougher surfaces as they are mainly used for mashing and grinding.

Gum line

The gum line is the part of the mouth where the gums and the tooth meet. When a person fails to adopt healthy teeth maintenance, and is unsuccessful in accomplishing the requirements of proper brushing and flossing,   tartar and plaque will likely build up on the gum line. This can eventually lead to several gum disease and gingivitis.


The root is the hidden part of the tooth that is deeply rooted in the bone. The root makes up 2/3 of a tooth, and it considerably holds the tooth in its proper place.


The enamel refers to the tooth’s outermost layer. Enamel is considered as the hardest and especially mineralized tissue found in the body. However, the enamel can still be damaged and destroyed by decay if your teeth are not taken care of properly.


Dentin is the layer of the tooth that lies beneath the enamel. If tooth decay is successful in making its way through the tooth’s enamel, it consequently attacks and destroys the dentin. The dentin has essentially all the crucial tubes that directly lead to the dental pulp.


The dental pulp is the soft and fragile tissue that is normally found in the center of all teeth. The pulp houses the blood vessels and nerve tissues that are present within a tooth. Whenever tooth decay reaches the teeth pulps, a person will usually feel soreness, pain and teeth sensitivity. This will most likely occur whenever a person drinks cold water or eats food that is too sweet.

Different types of Teeth

Every type of tooth has an individual function and specific job. Without one or the other, the teeth may fail to correctly perform its duties. Below are the different types of teeth and their corresponding functions.


Incisors are sharp, chiseled front teeth used mainly for cutting food. There are four upper incisors and four lower incisors. These teeth are considered as the strongest and toughest teeth.


Often referred to as cuspids, these teeth are used for grasping the food that you are putting in your mouth, and therefore they have long roots. They are essentially shaped like points or edges that forcefully break down whatever food you put into your mouth.


These types of teeth have two sharp and pointed cusps each on their biting surface, and are occasionally referred to as bicuspids. They are mainly used for tearing and crushing food.


Molars are mainly used for grinding, and they have several cusps on its biting surface.

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