Ventricles Of The Brain

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The ventricles of the brain are attached to each other, together with the spinal cord- particularly the central canal. The two lateral ventricles are situated together with the cerebrum in the same hemisphere, and is just under the corpus collosum. The third ventricle is located in the diencephalon, specifically in the thalami. These three ventricles are connected through an opening called the interventricular foramen.

What Are The Ventricles Of The Brain

The fourth ventricle in the brain is situated between the cerebellum and the pons, and connecting it with the third ventricle is the mesencephalic aqueduct. It then completes the link of these four ventricles, as it is transversed in the midbrain.

Although the fourth ventricle plays several roles for the function of the nervous system, one of its responsibilities is to communicate with the central canal of the spinal cord. It also aids the release of cerebrospinal fluid through the space in the subarachnoid. During this release, there are three foramina assisting in the process namely: the medial opening, the median aperture and the lateral apertures. After the process, the cerebrospinal fluid becomes waste and travels back to the circulatory system passing through the arachnoid villi.

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