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A lot of people are not aware that excessive drinking of alcohol may be a trigger for alcohol dependence. Most people think that drinking alcohol and getting drunk every night may just lead to some serious health problems. However, alcoholism can actually be a trigger for other social and emotional problems that people are not ready to deal with.

Alcoholism is commonly known as alcohol dependence. It is actually a disease that includes disturbing symptoms like craving, loss of control, tolerance, and physical dependence. One reason why it becomes disturbing is because when you have already acquired this disease, no matter how much you want to stop it, you still need a lot of medications and treatments. For example, alcoholism may cause intense cravings for the intake of alcoholic drinks. These cravings are not similar to the ones normal people encounter when they want to eat ice cream or cake. The cravings actually go much deeper than that. The intense need for you to drink alcohol creeps deep into your system, such that you are most likely to go insane when you do not fulfill this wish.

Because alcoholism may trigger your intense craving for alcohol intake, then it is the prelude to your loss of control over yourself. Once you start drinking, or once the drinking session begins, you will not be able to stop until the desire is satisfied – and the desire is actually too intense to be satisfied easily. Instead of just fulfilling your cravings by drinking just one bottle of alcohol, you are likely to drink until your body is already too limp and sated to drink anymore. This means that you have already developed physical dependence on the alcohol. When physical dependence is concerned, not drinking alcohol may cause you to suffer from disturbing withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, shakiness, sweating, and anxiety. And of course, since withdrawal symptoms are painful, chances are that you will not stop alcohol intake for fear of encountering these symptoms again.

Another bad thing about alcoholism is that you are likely to develop high tolerance to the alcohol. In most cases where alcoholism is concerned, people are not likely to be satisfied by just four or five bottles of alcohol. And as the day goes by with continuous alcohol patronage, the tolerance that you have for alcohol goes higher until it becomes hard for you to be satisfied at all. And again, the craving process continues.

Alcoholism is a disease in the sense that the excessive craving for alcohol satisfaction is similar to food and drinks. This means that alcohol becomes an integral part of your system. Most alcoholics will drink alcohol despite all serious family, health and legal problems. Like many other diseases, alcoholism is a chronic one. It lasts a person’s lifetime and follows a very predictable course in your life. The first onsets of alcohol dependency are triggered by either the person’s genes or his/her lifestyle. So if you are one of those avid alcohol drinkers, you have to be cautious of not crossing the limit.

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