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There are many psychological disorders that people are likely to encounter at least once in their lives. These disorders are not fatal; however, they can be very inconvenient for most people. Psychological disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, are one of the psychological problems that tend to disrupt the individual’s peaceful state. 

ADHD is a developmental disorder that is generally characterized by inappropriate degrees of over-activity, inattention and impulsivity. Some symptoms are neurologically-based, and can become chronic in some cases of ADHD. These symptoms develop during early childhood; and when left untreated, may reach up to adulthood.

Attention deficit disorder

It is hard to pinpoint exactly how ADHD develops in children. Although there are many suppositions and opinions from professionals, the origin of ADHD is still a debatable issue. However, these people do agree that ADHD is not a result of sensory impairment, gross neurological impairment, language or motor impairment, emotional disturbance, or mental retardation. 

The three major traits that characterize ADHD are impulsivity, poor vigilance and hyperactivity. The impulsivity results to a person’s difficulty in delaying gratification. People who are suffering from ADD do have a hard time putting their attention to one thing, resulting into a poor vigilance that can be the cause of many future accidents. These people also have a hard time regulating their activities, which means that they are always in a hyperactive mode, which generally isn’t good as far as the population is concerned.

As said before, ADHD is not a fatal disorder. However, psychological problems do have their own way of messing up the lives of people who are affected. For example, students who are suffering from ADD will have a hard time coping up with all their academic lessons. Since attention span is generally short, chances are that a 2-hour class lesson is too much for a student to handle. What will most likely happen is that the student will be faced with problems of underachievement. Because of the learning disabilities that are connected with ADHD, students are likely to suffer from inconsistent academic performance.

There are also social problems that are associated with ADHD. Most people who are suffering from ADHD develop a sense of selfishness or self-centeredness. They tend to intrude the lives of other people and appear too aggressive, which may tend to shut out lots of people. Usually, even when they don’t mean to, they burst out nasty and inappropriate comments to the people around them. What happens is that these strangers that are not aware with that particular person’s ADHD problem develop a misconception and will try to avoid that person as much as possible.

ADHD also conducts problems, especially in the way people deal with their families and other authorities. People who are suffering from ADHD are likely to develop a defiant behaviour, which may cause problems especially when they are dealing with people from authority, like the police and company employers. They are also prone to lying and stealing, which gives the idea that they are not to be trusted.


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