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One of the most commonly occurring, but seldom noticed, medical problem these days is dizziness. It never causes any kind of pronounced symptoms and perhaps this is the reason why its cure in not seriously sought for. The issue, however, should not be ignored because if prolongs, it seriously slashes down the productivity. This article will give you an insight into the various symptoms, causes and cure of the disease. An instance of how various vitamins play their role in combating this problem will also be given.


At the beginning, the dizziness symptoms will be discussed. Among the most commonly reported signs of the onset of the disease, feeling unconsciousness is the most common. An overall pattern of getting faint on coming across specific situations is the key indicator of this disease. To some patients, the surroundings seem to be revolving when they feel dizzy. At this stage it would be appropriate to distinguish the two terms which are often associated with dizziness: vertigo and motion sickness. Vertigo is the condition in which the patient complains of having the feel of weightlessness and particularly arises when elevated from the ground level, either standing on the roof of a building or in an elevator. The second phenomenon which is often coupled with dizziness is that of motion sickness. It is characterized by light headedness while travelling and is reported by a large number of people.


Certain stimuli, both external and internal, trigger dizziness. The external stimuli, as mentioned, include standing on height and travelling in a fast moving vehicle are the major ones. How these external factors cause someone to feel dizzy? The answer is these factors trigger certain responses from brain, which can be in the form of excretion of certain chemicals, commonly known as hormones. It is in response to these hormones that such responses, like feeling weightless, are generated. Other underlying causes of dizziness may include certain types of allergies, ear infections and any other medical problems which may cause a lowering of blood pressure as well as diminish the supply of blood to brain. The certain contradicting signals, like the ones which the brain confronts when travelling, are the psychological factors causing dizziness. A hormonal response is, however, involved in all the types of dizziness.

Vitamins and medications

To cure this commonly occurring disorder, you need not to take complex chemical compounds essentially; the purpose can be achieved with the help of the vitamins as well! Deficiency of certain vitamins for dizziness has also proved to be causing dizziness. Dieticians advise Vitamin B and D to be taken as a cure to dizziness. As Vitamins are a vital part of enzymes, which are the biological catalysts, they help in hormonal regulations. However, this should not be the only treatment. One should seek medical guidance if dizziness persists. The dizziness medications depend upon the diagnosis by the doctor. Commonly prescribed medicines include chemical compounds like Flavone Glycosides to cure the hormonal imbalances and to correct the working and balance of certain neurotransmitters which conduct signals to and from brain.  

As a last word, dizziness should not be ignored if the symptoms prolong and the severity increases. One should start from the natural remedies but medicines should be sought after in case there is no improvement in the overall pattern.

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