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Modern society is very squeamish about appearance and good looks trying to fit any person into extremely narrow standards of beauty. At the same time life ways of any person today are ruinous for health, and real beauty is impossible without it. Junk food, irregular meals, poor ecology, stressful jobs and many other harmful factors undermine our immune system giving way to numerous infections. Medical people all over the world report about a real invasion of fungal infections.

Unfortunately, even if you lead a quiet modest life you can fall victim to tiny aggressive fungi. Fungal infection or mycosis arises when fungi pass the top layer of the skin, hair or nails.

Fungal skins infections are often referred to ringworm or tinea. As a rule several kinds of ringworm include body ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, scalp ringworm and nail ringworm. It is pleasant to inform you that thought being highly uncomfortable, fungal skin infections are not life threatening and curable. To most dangerous point is that fungi may lead to grievous bacterial infections especially in elderly people and persons having the history of autoimmune conditions, such as AIDS. In spite of common belief worms have nothing to do with ringworms. Unfortunately, person of any age, sex and profession can develop fungal infection but men are more commonly susceptible to jock itch while children have scalp ringworms more often.

Fungi prefer warm, moist areas of the skin - the gap between the toes and fingernails, the groin, any folds of skin etc. Fungi can be transmitted by cats or dogs, combs and brushes, pillows, hats and towels. One can become infected with fungi preferring heavy footwear, using gym shower, sauna, beach changing rooms and other warm and moist public places.

Mycoses are classified according to the tissue invaded. There are superficial mycoses located in the outermost layers of the skin and hair. Cutaneous mycoses are found deeper in the skin. Subcutaneous mycoses can infect dermis, subcutaneous tissues and muscles. Systemic mycoses start from fungal lung infection and may spread to many organs. It is important to underline that mycoses are common for patients with immune deficiencies.

Bear in mind that fungal eye infection can lead to blindness that is why it is advisable to visit your oculist if you have a sore eye for a few days!

Fungal sinus infection can start as a common cold but unlike it they will not stop within a few days. Please, seek medical attention if your colds are numerous and prolonged!

Fungal ear infection is usually found when the disease is at its heat, because human ear is a perfect place for fungi development.

Fungal nail infection is very common nowadays, too. It is one of the most widespread fungi troubles all over the world. It causes big cosmetic troubles but is easily curable due to success of modern pharmaceutical industry.

Fungal infections are treated within 8-10 weeks. Hygiene is important in the prevention of fungal infection. Always keep your skin clean and dry and use proper footwear!

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