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Cholesterol can be well defined as a waxy fatlike substance. Cholesterol is produced by our own liver. Our body needs cholesterol to function normally and is present in almost every part of the body including nerves, muscles, heart and the brain. The human body synthesizes cholesterol as a source to produce many hormones, vitamin D and also the acids that help to digest fat.   

Well, cholesterol is present in meat or dairy. Fruits and vegetables do no contain cholesterol. Generally animal fats in our body can produce too much of cholesterol. Egg yolks, meat, poultry, fish, fat milk products, cookies, pastries and deep fried foods contain large amount of cholesterol. Consumption of these types of foods in excess can be a great risk to our heart. Too much amount of cholesterol in the pathway of blood can block the arteries and can lead to stroke, chest pain and heart attack.  

High Cholesterol


High cholesterol can be commonly seen in men and women in and around 55 years. High cholesterol can be caused due to various factors. It can also be caused due to inheritance from family members. Other causes are excessive weight that can increase bad cholesterol (LDL), lack of physical exercise, age and sex and mental stress.  High cholesterol as we know is a great risk factor for other illness and to our great surprise is that it has no symptoms. It is good to have blood cholesterol test every 5 years for everyone aged 20 years and older. A cholesterol test gives you the amount of good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and total cholesterol. If the cholesterol levels are high then low-fat diet, physical exercise and medications will be recommended by the doctor. Though many people may feel very healthy when their cholesterol level may be high and might ignore tests thereby moving a step forward to heart diseases.   

Though high cholesterol is very injurious to health there are various treatment to lower cholesterol. An individual may not fear if he/she has high cholesterol. There are various types of anti-cholesterol drugs and treatments as simple as making slight change in our daily life. The treatment for high cholesterol is completely based upon the results of cholesterol tests. Some times combination of some treatments is suggested to lower cholesterol.  


The simplest treatment of changing lifestyle involves changing diet, exercising more and loosing weight and adapting all healthy ways to avoid increase of bad cholesterol.

Quitting smoking can also be tremendously helpful. As speaking of drugs there are several types of cholesterol lowering drugs. All the drugs are effective but they work differently. The doctor prescribes the best anti-cholesterol drugs for different people. Cholesterol apheresis is one of the treatment that is used to drive away high cholesterol. It is very much effective and also is an expensive treatment. It is mostly suggested to people who cannot tolerate the drugs or who have higher cholesterol levels. This process involves the use of hemodialysis but just to drive out the bad cholesterol. There are also some natural methods  involving use of herbs and spices.


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