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Getting old is something inevitable. However, how people deal with getting old is different- some get old pleasantly, and some do not. Some of the beloved elders might experience degeneration and loss of memory, and even worse become challenged in their mental aspect.

But the good news is, these worries could be eliminated, or at least relieved- thanks to Abilify.

General Information

Abilify is used for the treatment of schizophrenia. This medication is also known to be helpful in patients who have bipolar disorder, depression, manic attacks, and other disorders that have something to do with the psychological aspect. This medication requires a doctor's prescription before purchase in pharmacies.

Abilify is available in tablet and liquid suspension form, and could be taken orally or through injection. But before considering the use the medication, the doctor normally assesses the patient's medical history and current condition. A patient’s history of vital organ disorders ( heart, liver, kidneys ) must also be taken into consideration. These three sensitive parts of the body should also be checked if there are no previous ailment concerning these parts.

Some medications may react to Abilify in a negative manner. Hence, the patient must tell the doctors ALL medications currently undertaken, be it prescribed or over the counter, including vitamins.


The doctor determines the dose. Normally, it starts at a very low dose and is increased after every two weeks depending on the body's reaction.

Usage and Side Effects

Normally, people who take Abilify needs to modify their diet so as not to cause any undesirable reactions. Listen to what the doctor says regarding of the foods and drinks to be avoided. Commonly, grapefruit juice should be lessened or avoided, and alcohol is discouraged. Water intake is highly recommended.

It is normal that patients under the treatment of Abilify feel some physical discomforts. This would range from headache, dry mouth (thus increased intake of water should be observed), loss of appetite, lightheartedness, and weight gain. Depending on the patient, the side effects could be mild or severe. Should there be seizures, chest pain or palpitation, high fever, breathing difficulty and other threatening symptoms, immediately go to the doctor for medical advise.

Abilify has a sugar content, and patients under this treatment may experience a considerable increase of sugar in the blood stream, even if patients are not having diabetes. As one of the side effects of this medication, patients taking it might be at risk for diabetes, too. Monitor sugar intake while under Abilify treatment, as high level of blood sugar may damage the body. If the patient experiences extreme thirst, extreme hunger, blurred vision, frequent urination, or weakness, immediately seek doctor's advise.

Reminder to the Public and to Abilify Users

Abilify does not cure several mental disorders, but rather lessens its symptom and slows up the progress. Depending on the patient, results might take two weeks or longer. However, if positive results continue during the treatment, chances of leading a normal life is high.

Generic Name: Aripiprazole

Brand Name: Abilify, Abilify Discmelt

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