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General Information

Abilitat is a medication intended for patients who are suffering from schizophrenia. Aside from such mental disorder, this medication is also proven to improve the condition of patients having other kinds of psychological disorder such as bipolarity, manic attacks and depression.

Abilitat is available in liquid suspension form and depending on the patient's preference or condition it could be administered orally or through injection. However, before using this medication, it is necessary to seek the doctor's advise, as he has to take note of the patient's medical history, including potential allergic reactions to Abilitat and to any of its components. Make sure, too, that the doctor knows any history of heart, kidney and liver disorders. The body should be strong and healthy enough prior to the medication, otherwise, the patient should be given an alternative treatment. Several medications may also have undesirable interactions with the medicine, thus, the patient should be able to openly discuss ANY medication he/she is currently taking, including the vitamin supplements.


The medication normally starts at a low dose, and is gradually increased after two weeks of usage. However, it depends to how the patient's body responds to the treatment. 

Usage And Side Effects

Some diet restrictions are often observed during the course of the treatment, and doctor's advise is needed here. But here are basic guides for those taking Abilitat: grapefruit juice should be avoided, and same goes with alcohol. During the medication, drinking high amounts of water is strongly advised.

During the treatment, there might be several discomforts for the patients. Depending on the patient, these discomforts may be mild or severe. To name a few, a patient could experience: dizziness, lightheartedness, headache, dry mouth, loss of appetite, and weight gain. Some of the worse reactions might also include seizures, chest pain, high fever, breathing difficulty, and muscle stiffness. Should any of these discomforts manifest during the treatment, seek for medical advise immediately.

Abilitat might not also be for those with diabetes, as it contains sugar. During the treatment, patients would also have an increased risk of contracting diabetes. If the patient experiences extreme thirst, extreme hunger, blurred vision, frequent urination, or weakness, seek the doctor's advise.

Reminders to the Public and to those Using Abilitat

Abilitat does not cure mental disorders but lessens its symptoms. Its effects could also be seen after 2 weeks (or more) of medication. However, if the body responds well to the medication, there is a big chance for the patients to live a normal life as possible. 

Generic Name: Aripiprazole

Brand Name: Abilify

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