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General Information

Acamprosato, otherwise known as Campral, is a medication for patients who are under treatment for alcoholism. This medication helps regain the brain's normal function which is altered by the excessive intake of alcohol. It also aids in removing the patient's urge for intake of alcohol. However, it does not cure the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patient.

Acamprosato should be taken together with regular counseling to make the treatment more effective.


It is taken orally in the form of a tablet. The dosage depends upon the doctor's advise, however, it is normally taken three times a day even without meals.
Acamprosato should be taken daily and at the same time from the start of the treatment for an easier routine.

Usage and Side Effects

Avoid chewing or splitting the tablet- instead take it with water as it is. Unless the doctor tells you to stop the medication, continue taking it at the recommended dosage.

The patient might experience some of  these undesirable effects during the course of medication: stomachache, dizziness, loss of appetite, weakness, constipation or loose bowel movement. Most of the side effects do not pose a serious threat, however, it is highly advised to inform your doctor of any discomforts during the treatment.

Several patients may also develop depression and other similar emotions such as feeling of guilt, loss of interest, melancholy, worthlessness, lack of energy, anxiety and  suicidal tendencies during the treatment. It is important that the family members of the patient be informed and cooperate during the treatment to lessen or avoid the patient from having these tendencies.

In the event that a patient misses a dose, letting it be instead of making the dose double during the next medication is strongly advised, as over dosage could lead to serious medical condition.

It is best for the patients to take this medication together with regular counseling as this will help regain normal life and overcome any discomfort- including withdrawals associated with the treatment.

Acamprosato for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Nursing and pregnant women should seek medical advise before taking Acamprosato. Same should be the process for those patients who are about to undergo any surgery.

Reminders to the Public and to Those Taking Acamprosato

Any medications other than Acamprosato should be openly discussed with the doctor- including vitamins, anti-depressants or food supplements, as there be have negative interactions. Inform your doctor if there are any allergies with certain medications.

Before taking Acamprosato, inform the doctor if there are any previous (or current) problems regarding the heart, kidney or other vital organs of the body.

Generic name: Acamprosate

Brand names: Acamprosatum, Aotal, Campral

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