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Actonel (risedronate sodium) is a medication that provides treatment to osteoporosis, as well as prevention from the bone disease from occurring. This medication belongs to the group of bisophonates which aid in the formation of the bones as well as the prevention of fractures. Actonel has two functions- it strengthens the bones by increasing its mass, and slows down bone degeneration at the same time.

Dosage And Administration

This medication can treat a number of bone diseases- not only osteoporosis, but also Paget’s Disease. There are a variety of doses available for every patient: tablets of 5mg, 30mg, 35mg, 75mg and 150mg. Doctors will assess the patient’s needs, as well as their medical and drug history in order to determine the rightful dose for treatment. However, Actonel can be taken in these frequencies: once a day, once a week, once a month, or bi monthly. If there are changes in the dose that the patient takes, the schedule or frequency shall also change.

Normally, the doctor will advise that Actonel should be taken first thing in the morning before eating breakfast or drinking anything. The patient also has to wait for 30 minutes before taking in food or other beverage aside from water, and other medicines. Also, lying down should also be avoided for about 30 minutes after the intake of the medication.

Actonel medication comes with a special program that patients should follow for them to enjoy the utmost benefits of the medicine. Patients should religiously follow all the instructions stated by the attending doctor during the treatment, particularly the activities and the intake of food. This is to ensure the maximum efficiency of Actonel, as well as the safety of the patient taking the medication.

There are precautions to be observed before using Actonel. Patients who need care for their bones through Actonel intake should consult the doctor and have an open discussion with them regarding their medical and drug history, and current bone condition. Should the patients have any of these problems in the past, or prior to taking Actonel: deficiency of Vitamin D, cancer, any blood disorder, liver problems, low calcium levels in the blood and the like should consult the doctor before taking Actonel. Patients having those problems might not be suitable with Actonel and may be given alternative treatment.

Actonel Side Effects

One of the common side effects of Actonel is the increase of risk in osteonocrosis (particularly in the jaw), and is more common among patients suffering from cancer or those under bisophonates. Chemotherapy, radiation, and other forms of cancer treatments do not work well together with the components of Actonel.

Aside from cancer treatment, osteonocrosis could also be one of the side effects among patients who are presently having dental problems- particularly those who have undergone dental surgery (minor or major).

For the patient’s safety, the doctor might recommend patients to have a check on their liver function and bone density before pushing through treatment with Actonel. This simple measure will help minimize the side effects of the drug by doing some lifestyle changes in the course of treatment.

Until the body becomes able to adjust to the medication, patients may experience any of these side effects as well: joint pain, loose bowel movement, headache and heartburn. However, if the side effects persists, consult the doctor. Other serious side effects may arise too, such as difficulty in swallowing, chest and jaw pains. Should any of these becomes present while treatment, openly discuss it with the doctor to be given prompt medical attention.

Other Facts About Actonel

Actonel is known in its generic counterpart as Risedronate, or Risedronic acid. It has a molecular formula of C7H11NO7P2 and an IUPAC name of (1-hydroxy-1-phosphono-2-pyridin-3-yl-ethyl)phosphonic acid. It weighs molecularly at 283.112 g/mol.

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