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Avandia, or rosiglitazone, is a medication intended for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes. It is normally taken with proper diet and exercise, and could be mixed with insulin for optimum control in blood sugar.

Things To Consider Before Taking Avandia

Patients who are type 1 diabetics, or those having diabetic ketoacidosis are not allowed to take Avandia for medication. Aside from these health problems, those who have eye problems due to diabetes are encouraged to request special dosing and testing before taking the medication. In some cases, patients will not be prescribed Avandia, but instead will be given an alternative treatment. Those with any of these problems in the past (or recently): congestive heart failure or other heart problems including stroke and liver problems may not be recommended to take Avandia because of several accompanied risks. Before doctors prescribe Avandia, patients should openly discuss their medical, drug and allergy history.

Avandia is reported to be a pregnancy risk category C, or a possible harm to fetus which are undergoing development. But there are no reports yet about Avandia harming babies being breastfed. To ensure safety among pregnant and nursing women, Avandia will not be administered to them.

Additional medications should also be openly discussed with the doctor, in the event that a patient needs to take other medicines aside from Avandia. These includes OTC and herbal medications, vitamin supplements and the like, particularly those which can contribute to a sudden drop or ballooning of blood sugar levels. To name a few of specifically prohibited medications: diuretics, MAO inhibitors,  NSAID pain relievers, cold, asthma, or allergy medication, birth control pills, steroids, and many others. It is important to provide the doctor a complete list of current medications before considering Avandia treatment.

Dosage And Administration

Avandia is available at the following doses: tablets in 2mg, 4mg, and 8mg. Dosage and schedule varies according to the patient’s condition. Before taking, doctors will assess the patient’s medical, drug and allergy history.

If the patient unintentionally skips a dose, it is better to take the next than to make it double just to catch up. Doing so will avoid the patient to experience blood sugar level swings. In case of an overdose, patients should be given quick and prompt medical attention. Some of the noticeable signs that occur during an overdose are: hunger, sweating, unusually fast heartbeat, coma, fainting, sluggishness, and worse, death.

Some Changes Experienced During Medication

Women who do not have their period anymore might ovulate again during Avandia treatment. To solve this, they should take birth control as well, while under medication of Avandia.

Since patients might experience some minor (or major) health changes during medication, and so, physicians should closely monitor patients during the whole treatment using Avandia. Diet and exercise will most likely be imposed. Patients might even be requested to undergo a regular eye examination, blood sugar testing, and liver function test.

Less Serious Side Effects

Though these side effects do not pose any serious threat, it should still be reported to the physicians for quick relief: cough, congested nose, cold, weight gain, back pain, loose bowel movement and headaches.

Some Serious Side Effects

However, there are several side which could be severe among patients taking Avandia. Should a patient experience any discomfort which could be highly disturbing, rush to the nearest hospital for prompt treatment. These side effects include: swelling of face, hives, tongue or throat which could lead to respiration difficulties, chest pain, symptoms of heart attack, blurry vision, sluggishness, being quick to bleed or bruise, increase in urination, increase of appetite for eating and drinking, nausea, jaundice and more. 

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