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Cabaser is a medication that is best for patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and hormone irregularities like too much prolactin production. A mixture of a lot of ergot fungi alkaloids derivatives, it is also a causative agent that is useful in preventing breast milk production in females who are lactating, though it’s not as good for those who have recently given birth.

The drug is also used to correct some forms of hormone problems related to ovarian illnesses, treating some tumor causes and interrupting prolactin production’s functional output.

Cabaser is deemed more effective than its counterpart, Bromocriptine, because it directly touches on the dopamine receptors of the hypothalamus. That impedes the sending of signals to the pituitary gland, which releases prolactin. So, excessive prolactin production is going to be dealt with better with Cabaser.

People who are undergoing the early stages of symptoms from Parkinson’s disease would find that Cabaser can help them a lot. In the later (more severe) stages, it can be taken alongside Levodopa or Carbidopa.

Tumors in the pituitary glands due to a hyperactive pituitary gland would also be corrected with Cabaser. Physicians are recommending the drug to those with microprolactinomas, otherwise known as a malfunction of the prolactin.

It may also be substituted for Bromocriptine. Thus, it can help treat anovulation, amenorrhea, and galactorrhea.

Libido dysfunction and anorgasmia may also be treated with Cabaser. In addition to that, this drug is beneficial to bodybuilders because anabolic steroid medications sometimes bring about gynecomastia, and Cabaser can help prevent that.

The starting dosage (used on a daily basis) for people who have Parkinson’s disease is 0.5 milligram per day. Over time, it may be increased to 2 to 4 mg/day. When used with Levodopa or Carbidopa, it may range from 2 to 6 milligrams in one day.

The same starting dosage (although used in a week, this time) works for people who are having trouble with cancerous cells and tumors. According to a physician’s orders, though, the dosage may be increased (gradually) to 4.5 mgs per week. Adjustments made in the dosage depend on the patient’s reactions to the drug and its effects on the patient’s condition.

Weakness is the most normal side effect of Cabaser, with added body malaise and a fatigued feeling. Emesis with headache and dizziness may be evident, too, in more severe situations. Notifying your physician when you’re starting to have abnormal side effects from the drug is very, very necessary.

Hypertension has some likelihood of developing too, sometimes. And, breast pains may be felt, as well, because the targeted tissue that aims to inhibit prolactin may reroute the effect to the breast.

This drug is not recommended for lactating or pregnant females, though. This is because the baby’s development may be interrupted with some after-effects from the drug. Also, this medication can end up in the mother’s breast milk so when you’re nursing a child, you should not drink Cabaser.

Cabaser is available in 0.5 mg tablets

Its molecular formula is C26H37N5O2

Generic name: Cabergoline

Brand names: Cabergolina, Cabergolinum, Dostinex

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