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Generic Cozaar

Also known as Losartan, generic cozaar is a drug designed to be able to control your blood pressure. It is a hypertension drug or, in a more technical term, an Angiotensin II receptor antagonist. It is able to do what it was designed to do by hindering or stopping the chemicals which are responsible for the blood vessels in the body to contract as well as tighten. Because of the fact that this drug helps in controlling and stopping hypertension, it is able to prevent damage to your blood vessels. Since damaged blood vessels can lead to strokes, taking this medication, in essence, also prevents that from happening to you.


When taking cozaar generic, follow your doctor’s prescribed dosage to the dot. Do not take it in any way or form which was not indicated by your physician, since this may cause problems for you in the future. Do not deviate from the dosage and the schedule which was given to you, and take the same doses of this pill at the exact same time each day. Even when the time comes that you are feeling better, do not suddenly stop your medication until your doctor tells you to do so. If you stop immediately, this just may cause the problems to come back. Abruptly stopping it can lead to more harm than good for your body. Also, you can take this regardless if you have eaten anything or not, since it is not a stomach irritant.

Common dosage

The common dosage of generic cozaar is 25 to 100 milligrams per day for adults. Intake is to be divided into two per day. For children, on the other hand, there is no standard recommendation. Only a physician or certified expert can give the proper dosage for children when it comes to this medication. Either way, it is always better to consult your personal doctor first and follow what he or she prescribes.

When missed

If you have missed your dosage of cozaar generic, take it as soon as possible. Even if the next dose is near, just take one. Do not take more than one dose at any given time since this may result in overdose.


If overdose happens, or is suspected to have occurred, then immediately seek medical attention in order to remedy it as soon as possible. Things could be worse than initially expected, so it is wise to have an expert look at you or the person you have found to have accidentally take too much of this drug.

Side effects

The common side effects of this medication are as follows: swelling of face, hands, feet, and mouth, difficulty in breathing and/or swallowing, dizziness, headaches, cough, sore throat, hoarseness, back pains, nasal congestion, fever, muscle cramps, and having trouble sleeping or experiencing episodes of insomnia.
If you experience any of these side effects while taking the generic cozaar, seek medical attention, especially when it becomes intolerable. You may be experiencing allergic reactions, or your body is not accepting the drug.

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