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Crestor which is a part of the drug class known as Statin is very often prescribed by doctors to treat high cholesterol and problems related to the same. It is also used to avoid heart diseases. It was developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical known as Shionogi. Rosuvastatin or Generic Crestor is the generic form of crestor. Generic form is manufactured by various companies worldwide and is available in different variants. You can buy generic crestor online in the form of tablets in potency of 10mg, 20mg and 40 mg. the generic form of crestor contains the same elements as that of brand crestor.

Generic crestor is a very synthetic lipid lowering drug and its active ingredient is rosuvastatin calcium. It effectively reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and total cholesterol in our blood including fatty substances. It intensely reduces the threat of heart attack, stroke and associated problems. Generic crestor is consumed before or after food without being broken or crushed. It is much advised to take the tablet of the strength prescribed by the doctor in the evening. Its natural work is to reduce the cholesterol produced by the liver. If explained with simplicity, generic crestor blocks the enzyme in the liver which results the production of cholesterol. In case of lack of availability of cholesterol our body uses the cholesterol in the blood thereby decreasing the total amount of cholesterol in our body. Generic crestor is more effective if taken during the night time because most of the cholesterol is produced during this time. It efficiently removes excess of cholesterol from blood vessel to brain and heart decreasing the risk of stroke and heart diseases respectively. Though it is very effective in its work one should be very careful about its pros and cons. It should never be taken with any other cholesterol lowering statin or any type of medicine that lowers cholesterol. People who take cyclosporine must keep away from generic crestor and people who are allergic to crestor or any other ingredients present in it also should never consume generic crestor.   

Without proper precautions generic crestor can cause serious side effects. Some common side effects are headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle pain. In some cases swelling of any body part and chest pain is also reported. Some of the serious and very rare side effects are liver failure, muscle breakdown and kidney failure. One of the most serious side effects is rhabdomyolysis. It can cause severe injury to muscles which results in severe pain. To avoid this one must consult a doctor on experiencing muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness. Generic crestor may also increase the amount of protein produced by kidney which can be cured. This effect mainly shows up due to consumption of dose more than 40mg.

But on the whole it is the best medication for reducing cholesterol. The above side effects occur only if it is used without precautions. Generic crestor is easily available online with its tablets of different strength. It is also available at very cheap rates at our drugstore.

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