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Lipitor belongs to the drug class of statins. Its generic name is Atorvastatin. It is commonly used for lowering blood cholesterol. It also soothes plaque and keeps us away from strokes by using different mechanisms in the body. It works effectively in the body by slowing down or blocking HMG-CoA reductase enzyme. It reduces bad cholesterol on an average of 39-60%. It can lower the total amount of cholesterol on an average of 29-45% and also lower the triglycerides in our body by 19-37%. On total the percentage may vary depending upon the amount of dose consumed. Lipitor was first used by Bruce Roth when he was working at Pfizer. The generic lipitor is the new simplified form of lipitor which will be soon launched by Ranbaxy laboratories. The generic lipitor is very much similar to lipitor but the difference is that it is a generic form of lipitor and will be easily available to all.    

Generic lipitor is one of the best medicines that a doctor can consider for reducing high cholesterol. It is used by patients with a low fat diet. It can efficiently raise the good cholesterol in the body and lesser the threat of heart attack, stroke, and certain types of heart related operations and chest pain. Lipitor becomes very helpful for even those who have a family history of early heart disease. It can keep away the heart problems for even patients with diabetes or kidney problems. The basic function of lipitor as mentioned above is to block or reduce an enzyme in the liver and when less cholesterol is made, the liver automatically uses the cholesterol in the blood. In this way the bad cholesterol decreases.  

Lipitor generic as expected may start working within two weeks and in the next blood test result will definitely show lower amount of cholesterol. But in some case lipitor can also be injurious to health. Lipitor is mostly not advisable to pregnant and breast feeding mothers because it may be harmful for the baby in both the cases. Also it is denied to people who have liver problems and who are allergic to lipitor or any of its elements. Some of the side effects of lipitor are muscle problems like pain in the muscles or joints. The most common side effects are diarrhea, stomach aches, tiredness and tendon problems. But these side effects are reported only in those who take overdose of lipitor. These side effects can be stopped if the patient reports them to the doctor and takes the correct dose of lipitor. Any one taking lipitor or generic lipitor may not fear if he or she is taking the correct dose advised by the doctor.     

The biggest advantage of generic lipitor over lipitor is that it is much cheaper and can be affordable by any common man. Once if you are prescribed for lipitor generic by a doctor then you can even order it online according to your dose. Generic lipitor surely is worth buying to reduce cholesterol easily.

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