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Nasonex, a drug that is used as a treatment for nasal allergies, is also known as mometasone nasal. It is considered as a steroid (a drug type that prevents and relieves inflammation).


Not everybody would be able to take Nasonex. Before it is prescribed by a physician, a patient has to be checked first for immune system problems like fungal infections, bacterial or viral infections. Nasonex reduces the body’s capacity to combat infections. People who have had nasal surgery, nasal damage or even nasal septum ulcer may not be advised to take Nasonex. Also, they have to be under careful monitoring. Prescriptions, too, would be issued based on the seriousness of the patient’s condition.

Nasonex is classified to be a pregnancy risk category C by the American Food and Drug Administration. This thus means that the product has not been established yet whether Nasonex would create pregnancy problems and birth defects to a fetus. Moreover, it has to be determined yet as to whether the drug would be absorbed into the breast milk of a mother or not. Either way, doctors do not usually issue a Nasonex prescription to women who are nursing or pregnant.

Nasonex Dosage And Administration

Your doctor’s instructions must always be followed when taking Nasonex. If a dose is missed, a patient has to check on the next prescribed dose so that an overdose would be prevented. An overdose would be made apparent by a severe headache, severe nasal burning or an irrepressible nose bleed. If there is a suspicion that a patient has overdose, he or she must be immediately rushed to the hospital. Nasonex has to be safely stored out of children’s reach, too. If ingestion overdose happens, the patient has to have immediate medical care. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting characterize ingestion overdose.

Before taking on a new medication, a patient must consult with his or her doctor first. Nasonex has been proven to not work effectively with inhaled steroids, nasal sprays and oral steroids.

Nasonex is a medication that would reduce the body’s ability to fight diseases. So, a patient must take good care not to acquire influenza, chicken pox and other infectious diseases while taking Nasonex.

Nasonex Side Effects

Nasonex has side effects that range from the mild to the severe. Allergic reactions that are made evident in swelling faces, mouths, throats, lips, tongues, as well as hives and shortness of breath are one of the severe side effects from the medication. Other severe effects from taking the drug include nasal burning and uncontrollable bloody noses. In the case of manifestation of serious side effects, medical attention must be readily available.

The mild side effects of Nasonex cover the following: sore throat, headaches, upper respiratory tract infection, burning nasal passages, stinging of the nose, painful menstruation, bloody nose, muscle pain, and coughing. Although they don’t warrant emergency medical attention, they should still be reported to your attending physician.

Other Details

The product can be bought in 50mcg/act suspension 17gm inhaler - with Mometasone as the generic name. Brand names available are Elocon, Elocom, Combisor and Asmanex. Also, it has a molecular formula - C22H28Cl2O4 and a molecular weight of 427.361 g/mol. 

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