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Nolvadex is the brand name of the drug more commonly known, and prescribed, in its generic form as tamofixen. When one chooses to buy Nolvadex online, one should know that it is frequently prescribed to block out the production of estrogen, a chemical normally produced by the body which must be kept at a minimum in order to help treat hormone-based cancers such as breast cancer. There are some cases where generic Nolvadex is used as a preventive measure whenever the gene for breast cancer is prevalent within one’s family.

Whenever one chooses to buy generic Nolvadex online, one should remember that it is inappropriate for several patients and that one must go through a meticulous medical assessment before being prescribed this medicine. Those with a known history of the following ailments may not be able to take generic Nolvadex or may require careful monitoring and experimenting while undergoing treatment with Nolvadex generic: cataracts, stroke, blood clots, liver disease, or those undergoing chemotherapy.

For those who plan to buy Nolvadex online, take note that the American Food and Drug Administration, otherwise known as the FDA, has rated generic Nolvadex as a pregnancy risk category D. It is known that this drug causes damage to developing fetuses and even birth defects. Trace amounts of generic Nolvadex can be found within breast milk and may have some adverse effect on a nursing infant. On that note, women who are pregnant, wish to be pregnant, or are breastfeeding should stay away from this medicine. Pregnancy tests are normally administered before one can buy Nolvadex online.

Those who have decided to buy Nolvadex generic online must know that there is a known risk of developing uterine cancer, blood clots within the lungs and even strokes from taking Nolvadex. It is very important that patients are fully informed of both the risks and the benefits of this drug before they buy Nolvadex online.

Whenever one taking Nolvadex misses a dose, that dose should be taken as soon as he remembers about it. But if it almost time for the next dose, then the missed dose must be skipped and the dosage should go back to normal as soon as the next dose is taken. Patients who have chosen to buy Nolvadex online are told to never ever take a double dose and to never stop taking the medicine abruptly.

Anybody who has chosen to buy generic Nolvadex online and is just beginning to take Nolvadex will probably experience side effects. Side effects incurred from taking Nolvadex are usually mild and do not really cause much harm to a patient’s health. These side effects can range between nausea, cough, vaginal itching and dryness, thinning hair, weight loss, and depression, to name a few.

What one who has opted to buy Nolvadex online must remember is that they should always consult their doctor or health care provider before taking generic Nolvadex or any other drug. There are some medicines which, when mixed with Nolvadex, can have some undesirable adverse effects.  One would be wise to always be prudent with drugs.

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