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If you want to buy Norvasc online, make sure that you know everything you need to know about the product first. Norvasc is the generic name of Amlodipine, which is a calcium channel blocker that is used for the treatment of Angina. This acts as a relaxant to the smooth muscle in the arterial wall, and its effects lead to a decrease in total peripheral resistance that reduces blood pressure, hence, reducing the blood flow to the heart.

People who usually buy Norvasc online are those who are looking for a quick medication for high blood pressure; but what most people who buy Norvasc online don’t know about are the side effects of this medication. The most-often seen side effect is peripheral edema, which is when the muscle swells; and it is most seen in the feet and ankles. Other side effects that are also often seen, but not as often as peripheral edema, are dizziness, palpitations, pain in the stomach, muscles and head, and nausea. Some of the less common side effects are blood disorders, development of breasts in men and even insomnia.

While this is a generally safe medication and is available over-the-counter, people with the following conditions should consult a physician first before taking Norvasc:

  • Liver disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Sick sinus syndrome, which is an abnormal functioning of the structure or node that regulates the heartbeat. This node is the sinus node, and is the heart’s primary pacemaker.
  • Aortic Stenosis, which is an unusual configuration of the aortic valve
  • Low blood pressure, as the medication already lowers blood pressure, and taking medication that has this effect may be disastrous to your heart.
  • Coronary artery problems

After you consult your doctor, you can now buy Norvasc online. The generic dosage for adults is 5mg per day, or 10mg for the treatment of hypertension. Although this is the generic dosage for taking Norvasc, it is still better to get a detailed dosage map from your doctor so that it can be customized according to your body’s pre-existing conditions, if ever there are any.

Norvasc should be taken on a daily basis, and should be taken at exactly the same time. In the event of missing a dose, take it as soon as you remember to. However, if it is almost time for your next dose anyway, it is better to just wait and continue on with the schedule as first planned.

It is also important to know before you buy Norvasc online that it is indeed possible to overdose on this pill. Some of the symptoms of overdose are an abrupt lowering in blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. While this is not the type of medication that can be fatal within a few minutes of overdosing, it is important that you seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible if you are suspecting that you have indeed had an overdose of Norvasc.

Feel free to buy generic Norvasc from the Internet, but make sure that you are buying from an accredited store. Do not accept packages that have been tampered with. And once again, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor before continuing with this medication.

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