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The generic name for the worldwide known Singulair brand name is Montelukast. A generic drug is identical to a brand name drug except that is not packaged or marketed in the same way. Singulair and its generic counterpart are produced for treating symptoms of prophylaxis. It is also a very good form of treatment for chronic asthma in adults and even in pediatric patients who are well above the age of 12 months old. In some cases, doctors have been known to use generic Singulair to treat hay fever and or similar sorts of allergies.

Generic Singulair works in the same way as Singulair which is simply put, by blocking the leukotrines that are in the body. When the level of leukotrines in the body is brought down, there are a number of symptoms that will be eradicated. These symptoms are difficulty in breathing and having a runny nose or sneezing. These are all the common symptoms that are associated with asthma or allergies.

So just why would one want to buy generic Singulair online?  First and foremost, one thing that has to be gotten out of the way is the fact that the generic Singulair is exactly the same as Singulair when it comes to its active components and effects. The only notable difference between the two is in their color, shape and packaging.

It will come as a relief to a lot of people to know that Singulair generic is much cheaper than Singulair itself. This is because not the same amount of resources goes into marketing a brand name for the drug to get to you. When all this marketing costs are cut back, the drug becomes considerably cheaper so that is another reason you may want to buy generic Singulair online.

The good thing about buying the generic Singulair online is that availability will never be a problem for you. It will not matter how many pharmacies are in your area or if they do or do not stock it. As long as you have the internet, all that you have to do is order it and it will be shipped to your doorstep. Most of the online drug stores that you can buy singulair generic from will make sure that they ship the medication overnight.

Another advantage that comes with buying your generic Singulair online is that you will not need a prescription from a doctor to get it. This knocks out the hustle and cost of going to see a doctor for the prescription and then heading out to look for a pharmacist that stocks generic Singulair.

A benefit of buying this medication online is that you will almost never see with a physical pharmacy is the chance to get a discount. A lot of online drug stores will give you a discount for shopping with them. You will also have the added advantage of comparing all the different online drug stores for the best pricing of generic singulair.

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