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If you are suffering from cold sores and you want to have cheaper medicine that can shorten its duration, buy generic Valtrex online. The medication usually comes in a pill form and is one of the best medications available for this ailment. It is generally prescribed for chicken pox, herpes and shingles, aside from herpes simplex or cold sores. But taking a branded version of the drug could well cost you a fortune. A five hundred milligram pill can cost around six dollars each while a one thousand milligram pill usually costs around ten dollars a pill. If you are going to take four of the one thousand milligram pills, that is easily forty dollars.

So the only available solution can be to buy Valtrex online. It should be taken at the first sign that a cold sore is going to break out, which is a kind of tingling sensation. This is also mentioned on the product instruction, and people who followed it reported that taking a one thousand milligram pill twice a day for one day effectively prevented the cold sore from breaking the surface. This is essential since, if cold sores are allowed to break out, you are looking at ten to fourteen painful days of ugly sores. The key is to catch the cold sore before it breaks out. If you manage to do it, you could usually eliminate cold sores in a day or two. If not, there is no other cold sore medication in the market that can cure it in such a short period of time.

If you are going to buy generic Valtrex online, take note that its generic name is Valacyclovir, not Valvirex or Acyclovir. This drug is already available on the market as a generic drug. Valtrex generic is easy to purchase online and you can get it no matter where you are in the world. This is an essential advantage since there are areas where the generic form of the drug is not available. However, when buying online, take note of the fact that there are drug companies that are following double standards in manufacturing medicines. One standard is for the regulated market while the other is for the non-regulated market. There are countries that are categorized for both the regulated and non-regulated market, so before purchasing Valtrex, it might be safer if you could find out which category you belong to.

Generic drugs can be dispensed by a pharmacy unless your doctor writes a specific brand name on the prescription, which is why you can buy Valtrex generic online. Doing it on the Internet is more convenient since you do not have to queue on line in pharmacies. Also, you could easily find essential information about the drugs online, which your doctor might forget to mention to you. You can also read about reviews and testimonials from other satisfied users that will make yourself familiar with the effects of the drug. So the next time you need medicine for cold sores or herpes, buy generic Valtrex online.

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Amber said:
My friend had warts. She used Valtrex and it never work for her. She is using wartscide now. After couple of days, she already saw an improvement.
2011-08-31 12:54:43

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